Blue emOcean Restaurant is positioned just a few meters from our private beach.

It is designed to offer the best Ocean view especially at sunset when the sun hits the water right in front of the property.

The seating area can accommodate 20 guests and can be extended along the swimming pool deck for special events such as barbecue nights and full moon romantic dinners.

The restaurant has en hexagonal shape open on every side to let our guest enjoy, not only the sea view, but also views of our tropical garden, pool and wild jungle.

The open kitchen offers an ‘inside look’ of what happens behind the scenes and how our meals get prepared.


Blue emOcean Restaurant’ s biggest goal is to exceed our guests expectations.

Our menu is a careful choice made by Italian and Indonesian Chefs. We aim to meet every guest desire by offering both International and Indonesian cuisine.

A good selection of Vegetarian and Vegan dishes are also available.

Our staff is ready to accommodate any special request and to satisfy any special need in case of allergies and food intolerances.

The Restaurant menu varies according to the season. This is to ensure the freshness of all the ingredients we use.

Each dish has been created to fulfill each guests’ s taste, but it is also a responsible choice of the right ingredients coming from the island to sustain the local economy.

A network of suppliers from Bali and Sumbawa provides our Restaurant with products coming from overseas.

Some of our choices