2 Season… AND A 3rd one!

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By:  Jack, Indonesian Head of Gardening & Landscaping Team at Blue emOcean Resort Moyo Island has basically two seasons:  dry and rainy. I and members of my team were all born and raised on Moyo Island, and we have lived with its kind of climate since our childhood. All of us have to plan and manage our […]


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By:  Panca, Indonesian Resident Chef – Blue emOcean Restaurant After one week of meeting every day with the management team of Blue emOcean Resort(BER), we are finally ready to launch our new menu. Managing the BER Restaurant on Moyo Island comes with the huge challenges associated with being in such a remote location. On the other hand, we can […]

An other day in the jungle: a visit to the famous Lady Diana Waterfall

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By: Freddy, Indonesian Trekking Guide & Jungle Expert All tourists coming to Moyo Island know about the Lady Diana Waterfall and all of them want to get there and feel the mystique. Blue emOcean Resort’s guests can get to the waterfall by bicycle and motorbike taxi. Soon there will be a small Jeep available too.  But for us, locals, […]