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Moyo island or, as the locals say, Pulau Moyo is located in the Nusa Tenggare province, just north of Sumbawa. A little more than an hour from Bali, it has an area of 32.044 hectares.

Moyo Island is unique, you will feel it.
The island is mostly uninhabited and unknown to the majority of tourists.
The people living on the island are really friendly. 
There is a National Park, established in 1986, that helps the conservation of the extraordinary vegetation and fauna (birds, bats, monkeys, wild pigs, deer..)
The Marine Reserve protect the unspoiled reefs surrounding the island

Visiting Moyo is not only a vacation but it is really a unique experience. You will discover the real Indonesia as never before. Nature and people are pure and genuinely blend; thus, evoking unforgettable emotions among visitors.

Some more informations:

Average temperature: Max 33°C – Min 23°C

Rainy season: February

Population: 1000

Language: Indonesian is the official language. The Bima dialect is used by local people

Religion: Muslim

Nearest airport: Sumbawa Besar