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By:  Panca, Indonesian Resident Chef – Blue emOcean Restaurant

After one week of meeting every day with the management team of Blue emOcean Resort(BER), we are finally ready to launch our new menu.

Managing the BER Restaurant on Moyo Island comes with the huge challenges associated with being in such a remote location.

On the other hand, we can spoil our guests (and ourselves, too) with the freshest seafood from the ocean around us which is delivered straight to our kitchen, and with the best fresh fruits and vegetables coming from Moyo Island itself, cultivated by the locals, and likewise brought to us directly by them.

Being an Indonesian chef, I can show to our international guests who are visiting Moyo Island the best selection of local dishes.  We are proud to offer them some of the best specialties from Sumbawa Island as well.

Of course, a selection of international food is available too and I love to cook it!  We cooperate with food suppliers from Bali to get the best products coming from overseas.

As our restaurant is located inside BER, our guests are mainly clients of the Resort. However, since more and more tourists are coming to visit Moyo Island, we always have guests coming from other accommodations who are lured by other tourists’ positive reviews of our food and staff.

This makes me and the whole staff very proud of giving our small contribution to the positive reputation of Moyo Island and Blue emOcean Resort as well.

I love my job. I have been doing it for so many years now. I am originally from Sumbawa Besar, but I got the chance to travel and work abroad. My last work experience was cooking for a restaurant in Hong Kong, and before that, I spent a few years cooking for a restaurant in Singapore. Now, I am the Indonesian resident chef of the BER Restaurant.

Blue emOcean Resort is the perfect environment where I can keep doing the job I love for people from different countries.

I can keep practicing my English daily, sharing my experiences and story with international travelers. I find myself learning something new every day from all our wonderful guests.

Moyo Island is such an incredible island and its jungle, ocean, beaches, waterfalls, wild animals, flowers and friendly locals are enriching my experience beyond my daily job and responsibilities.

All these keep me motivated to do my job better, trying new recipes, new ingredients, and making my dishes tastier and my cuisine more enjoyable.

I am excited to cook the dishes to be picked from our new menu by our next guests and see the response from them. I am sure they will be satisfied!

As I say many times every day… “Enjoy your meal here at Blue emOcean Restaurant”.

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