An other day in the jungle: a visit to the famous Lady Diana Waterfall

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By: FreddyIndonesian Trekking Guide & Jungle Expert

All tourists coming to Moyo Island know about the Lady Diana Waterfall and all of them want to get there and feel the mystique.

Blue emOcean Resort’s guests can get to the waterfall by bicycle and motorbike taxi. Soon there will be a small Jeep available too.  But for us, locals, nothing is better than a walk in the jungle and a jump in that cool water!!

Yesterday a family of four from Sweden decided to go to the Lady Diana Waterfall, and they chose to get there by walking.

At 7:00 am, everything was set, and we were ready to start our 7-km trek. The departure time is really up to the guest’s preference and dependent on the season. Since November is normally humid and my guests had no problem waking up early, we decided to start at 7:00. The two kids wanted to have their breakfast before starting, while their parents chose to take theirs while on our way to the waterfall.

Blue emOcean kitchen staff is used to accommodate any need and breakfast was ready to be served even if it was earlier than usual.

The 7-km trek to the waterfalls passes through two villages. The closest to our Resort is Brang Rea, it is about 2 km away from Blue emOcean and it is where most of our local staff come from.

We were lucky enough to spot a couple of monitor lizards and a green snake. Green snakes are not dangerous at all, they eat insects, live on trees, and are so beautiful with their green skin and yellow eyes, perfectly camouflaged in the jungle.

There was also a pond of mud with at least 20 buffalos trying to cool off. It is very easy also to spot wild monkeys, but since they live in Blue emOcean’ s garden too, we can observe them every day!

Walking further south, we arrived at the 2nd village, Labuhan Aji. This is the main village of the whole island, where the only government office is, and it is also where locals from Moyo and other nearby islands gather for important meetings, weddings, ceremonies, etc.. The public pier is also here, this is the place where public boats arrive daily carrying food, materials and, of course, tourists, locals and visitors.

Moving past the village we headed east, deep into the jungle.

After a few hundred meters, there is a river with its water coming directly from the waterfall.  We just followed it to reach our destination.

Et voilà, majestic, mystifying, shining, clean, cool… there it was!  Lady Diana waterfall.

As would normally happen, we were the only people there.

Hundreds of butterflies fly around us as the sound of the waterfall is a call for them. They need its water to mate and to eventually become beautiful butterflies. We were lucky enough to see a few Sumbawa Tiger, a very rare species of butterfly that lives only there.

After jumping, swimming, laughing, and taking pictures and videos, it was time for us to eat our delicious lunch while enjoying the stunning view of this world-class waterfall. My guests couldn’t stop saying how beautiful this waterfall is.

Right after lunch, we headed back to Blue emOcean. Visitors here are only allowed to stay for no more than two hours. Names of visitors are recorded and kept by the village officers. If rubbish, damage, or any bad behavior is found, the visitors are immediately charged a fee and asked to clean up or repair.

Another day at Lady Diana Waterfall was an enjoyable experience. The trek was one of the highlights of a holiday stay on Moyo Island, something that a visitor should not miss.

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